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Add our SaaS Polling App URL to Your Mailchimp Newsletter

Boost audience engagement with our SaaS Polling app.Embed the SaaS Polling App URL into your Mailchimp newsletters for better reader insights and an enhanced newsletter experience.
Step 1
Login to Mailchimp and Select a Template
Log in to your Mailchimp account, navigate to 'Email Templates', and select the template you want to modify or create a new one.
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Step 2
Edit the Email Content
In the template editor, find the section where you'd like to add the SaaS Polling app URL. You can add this in a new text block or within an existing one.
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Step 3
Add the SaaS Polling App URL
In the text block, type the message asking readers for their feedback and add the URL for our SaaS Polling app. Be sure to hyperlink the URL for easy access.
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Step 4
Save and Exit
Once you've added the URL, make sure to save your changes. Mailchimp will now include the SaaS Polling app URL in the selected newsletter template.
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Step 5
Test the Newsletter
Send a test email to yourself to ensure that the SaaS Polling app URL appears correctly in the email, and that the link is working as expected.
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