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Add our SaaS Polling App URL to Your Shopify Order Confirmation Emails

Improve customer satisfaction with our SaaS Polling app.Embed the SaaS Polling App URL into your Shopify order confirmation emails for better customer insights and an enhanced shopping experience.
Step 1
Locate Shopify Email Settings
Log in to your Shopify account, navigate to 'Settings', then select 'Notifications'. Here, you'll find the 'Order confirmation' email template.
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Step 2
Modify the Order Confirmation Template
In the 'Order confirmation' section, you'll see an HTML editor for the email template. Here, you can customize the content of your order confirmation emails.
product image
Step 3
Add the SaaS Polling App URL
Add the URL for our SaaS Polling app at the appropriate place in the template. This could be at the end of the email, encouraging customers to provide feedback on their shopping experience.
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Step 4
Save the Changes
Once you've added the URL, make sure to save your changes. Shopify will now include the SaaS Polling app URL in all order confirmation emails.
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Step 5
Test the Process
Make a test purchase or use Shopify's test email feature to ensure that the SaaS Polling app URL appears correctly in the email, and that the link is working as expected.
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