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Propel Your Startup's Success with Continuous Feedback

Unleash your startup's full potential by embracing the Continuous Feedback (CF) revolution.
Kudo's unique, A.I.-enhanced platform allows you to rapidly iterate and grow faster, providing your startup the edge it needs in the competitive entrepreneurial landscape.

Received immediate and actionable feedback.

- Kevin, Startup Founder

Increased our customer retention by 20%.

- Kylie, Startup CEO

Gives me real-time insights on my team.

- Daim, Head of Operations

Easy to use and instant improvements.

- Billy, HR Lead

What's included?

A.I. poll creation
Customizable Poll and Pulse Survey Builder
Effortlessly create targeted polls and pulse surveys tailored to your startup's needs. Our intuitive builder enables you to gather valuable insights and make data-driven decisions that drive success.
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A.I. analysis
Intelligent A.I. Recommendations and Analysis
Utilize the power of artificial intelligence to gain deeper insights into your feedback data. Kudo's advanced A.I. algorithms provide custom suggestions and analysis, enabling you to unearth hidden patterns and make informed decisions.
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Comprehensive Internal and External Feedback
Empower your startup with a 360-degree feedback system that captures both internal and external perspectives. Kudo's platform ensures you receive holistic input, ultimately leading to improved performance and customer satisfaction.
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Seamless Integration into Your Startup Workflow
Integrate Kudo's continuous feedback platform into every aspect of your startup, from product development to customer service. Our versatile platform ensures that insights form a core part of your operations.
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A.I. summary and recommendations
Detailed Reports and Analysis
Transform raw data into actionable insights with our comprehensive reports and analysis. Kudo's platform simplifies the process of visualizing trends, tracking progress, and identifying areas for improvement.
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Advanced Permissions and Team Management
Maintain control over your feedback data with intricate permissions and sophisticated team management features. Kudo's platform allows you to adjust access levels and manage your team for optimal productivity.
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Multi-Device Compatibility: Mobile and Web
Stay connected and updated with Kudo's multi-device compatibility. Whether you're running your startup from your mobile device or your desktop, our platform ensures you have access to essential feedback anytime, anywhere.
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Stay Informed with Mobile and Email Alerts
Stay ahead with Kudo's real-time mobile and email alerts. Keep up with the latest feedback trends, and ensure you're always informed about your startup's performance.
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